About Twin Rivers Outdoor Soccer

Twin Rivers Soccer League was founded by the Paris Soccer Club, the Burford Soccer Club and the Ayr Minor Soccer Club to provide house league games for older youth. For select ages the three core clubs were joined by the St George Youth Soccer, Delhi, Wilmot and Wellesley Clubs. Twin Rivers Soccer league sees the following centres playing together in the following divisions:

U4, U6,U8 (played in each home town, no travel)

U10 = Play in Paris, Burford, Ayr and St. George (Wilmot & Wellesley are played in their home town)

U12 = Play in Paris, Burford, Ayr, St George, Wilmot, and Wellesley

U14 = Play in Paris, Burford, Ayr, St George, Delhi, Wilmot, and Wellesley

U17 = Play in Paris, Ayr, and Wilmot

U21 = TBD